Zamong clues description

We can use Zamong clues  for analysis.


Date”  and  “DB Date”  in zamong clues

The time may not be synchronized between the Oracle db server and the zamong server.  So data may not be displayed on the chart at midnight when the dates change. In this case, you can use “DB Date”  in addition to the “Date”.

Date :  Time when data was inserted into mariadb(mysql) on zamong server. 
DB Date : Time when zamong agent gathered data on oracle db server.

<How to Use>

1.  Specify “DB Alias” and “Date”.
     Click or type the time in “From” and “To”  item.
     Click the button(4).
     ( “Time  Format :  “mi:ss” )

You can see the charts and active session details.

Make the ‘DB Date’ the same as the ‘Date’ and Click the button(4).
If data of around midnight is not shown in the chart, change the DB date.


2.  Click on the line to get a time value.
     Click the “RUN” button to redraw one minute chart.

Double click that point  to clear the selection.



3.  Edit (1) and Click the “RUN” button(2) to redraw the one-minute chart for the specified time.
     Click the shift-button(3) to redraw the one-minute chart for the increased time.

You can see the chart of the active session count  over the 60 seconds of the time entered



4.  Click a second(3) to see  all active sessions at that point.
     (4) in the figure below represents the time when zamong agent gathered data on oracle db server.



5.  Drag  and click the “ZOOM” button for drill down analysis.



6.  Minutes to Seconds conversion.

     Set time interval to less than 30 minutes and click the button.

    < x-axis unit  :  one minute >

    < x-axis unit  : one second >



7.  Top queries , wait events and sessions on the selected period.

     Drag a range (1).
     Click the ‘Go summarize..’ button (2) to redraw chart for the specified range.
     (3) in the figure below represents the time range to summarize.



8.  Drill down analysis example using ‘Analyze’ Tap.

     Drag a range (1).
     Click the ‘ZOOM’ button (3).
     Chart is zoomed in (4).


     To apply new selected range, drag the range and click the ‘Go summarize ..’ button again.
     Double click a sqlid or session for details.