AIX “oslevel -s ” numbers mean

If your system is running AIX 5.3 TL 6 or anything later, “oslevel -s” will look something like this: 6100-02-06-0943. Breaking that down, the first four numbers show the AIX base level. In this example, it’s 6100, which means we’re running AIX 6.1. Next is the Technology Level (TL), followed by the number of the Service Pack (SP).The last four digits show the release date of the Service Pack using the format YYWW (YY for the year, then WW for the week of the year). So, if your “oslevel -s” command reports 6100-02-06-0943, then you know you’re on AIX 6.1, running TL 2, with SP 6. The “0943” tells you that Service Pack came out in week 43 of 2009. It’s time to update your system.